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Airless Paint Spraying

G Borg High Class Painters & Decorators™ in Manchester offers airless paint spraying for heavy-duty buildings, big or small. Airless spraying is a brilliant and fast way of painting, and at G Borg™, we are fully trained and experienced in this specialist method.

Excellent Benefits

Done with a high-pressure pump, one key advantage of airless paint spraying is its speed in comparison to brushing and rolling. This technique makes it the best technique for warehouses and storage units.

The coating delivers great penetration into small crevices, and the use of different spray patterns allows the paint to get into every hard-to-reach surface. A thick, uniform coat is produced with airless spraying, helping to minimize the amount of future re-sprays you might need.

With our high standards and years using Airless Sprayers we know what will work for you. Contact us for more information.

Dust Free Sanding

We hate dust, you hate dust, everyone does, that's why we have invested in dust free sanders that take away up to 99.9% of dust. This means much healthier breathing air in our working environment, your home or workplace also means cleaner surfaces & floors. 

We use a Mirka sander that is connected to an extractor that pulls the dust into it rather than into the air, we use Mirka as they in our eyes are the best for our job and give us a great finish possible... Always aiming for high class work!

Airless Paint Spraying

  Mirka Sander

Contact us for advice regarding whether airless paint spraying will work for you.